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As vaping has taken the world by storm, we are all aware of the the benefits of vaping as an alternative route to help stop smoking – This can be seen in scientific studies carried out on vaping as well as recommendations from health professionals including Public Health England. 

In addition to the well known benefits to converting from smoking to vaping I have also been researching additional health benefits and ways vaping can assist other people for a myriad of different reasons, this could be with general vaping as well as the use of CBD Vape products. 

This led me to reach out and ask a few questions to Hattie Brant. She has started her own small business in order to share her experiences, fundraise and raise awareness of hidden disabilities for something she feels very passionately about and has experienced herself. 

Here is a little insight into Hattie and her use of vape products.

Q – You have created your own brand ‘PurpleDayss’ – Can you tell us more on the work / movement you are looking to create with this?
I have created Purpledayss purely to create a safe community for people with epilepsy. I also make sure to spread awareness for hidden disabilities, discrimination, and mental health. For the future my only wish is that my small business will raise more awareness and money for epilepsy, and that everyone will be wearing my merchandise and showing that they are proud of their hidden disability.

Q – What prompted you to start ‘Purple Dayss’?
I decided to start Purpledayss when I realised that telling people and showing people my journey and my experience with being diagnosed with epilepsy was helping others. It started off just posting videos on Tiktok replying back to comments and questions and I grew it a bit each day moulding it into a small business which I am so proud of.

Q – From your own experiences, Why do you think it is important for people to understand the message behind ‘Purple Dayss’?
I think it’s important for people to understand that the message behind Purpledayss is being proud of who you and what makes you different and having that self love.

Q – Are there any ways you help reduce the feelings or effects of Epilepsy?
Things that can help reduce my auras or migraines which may also help stop a seizure from happening are things like using CBD products. I like to vape it, I use orange county CBD products which I find helps me the best.
I also love anything lavender to relax me, especially using them in the shower and pillow sprays at night. I also make sure to get lots of sleep every night.

Q – How did you discover that Vaping and CBD products can be a benefit to you?
I was recommended CBD from my epilepsy nurse. When researching into it more I realised how many ways you could take CBD and how many different brands there is. I first started just vaping it before bed to help relax me and get me to sleep quicker, which it did help with, and still does.
Now however, I use my CBD vape for so much more. I use it when I get headaches or migraines, I use it to settle my anxiety when meeting new people or going on first dates. I use it to help my hangovers or if I am having some side effects from my epilepsy, and I definitely think it helps prevent a seizure for me.

Q – If a reader is in a similar position, would you recommend vaping and why?
I would definitely recommend vaping CBD it has so many benefits like improving mental health and mood, pain relief, helping with sleep and being more relaxed and comfortable. CBD has helped me in various ways.

Q – Do you find vaping to be a more convenient source of relief and relaxation when required?
I rely on my CBD more than paracetamol, it’s my source of relaxation and to help prevent anxiety attacks and seizures for me. I mostly reach for it on nights out when I get social anxiety or just before going to bed to help me sleep. I make sure to keep a vape in my bag and by my night stand so I always have one nearby just in case.

Q – If people want to find out more about your story or learn more around Epilepsy via the ‘Purple Dayss’ website / social media pages – Where can they find this?
You can learn more about me and epilepsy via my website-
I also share more about the reality of living with epilepsy and mental health via my Tiktok: @hattiebrantt where I share videos about my life and my journey.
You can also keep up to date with the trends, spreading awareness and raising money via my Instagram: @purpledayss_ or you can also join a group on Facebook which I have made for people living with epilepsy to make friends and talk about their own situations: @purpledayss

With The Vaper Expo UK being one of the longest standing vape exhibitions in the world, we aim to highlight all benefits to vaping and share information which may not be as well known.
Products like the ones mentioned above will be displayed and available for purchase at The Vaper Expo UK which returns to the NEC Birmingham on May 12th, 13th & 14th 2023.

Thank you to Hattie for sharing her experiences and how vaping has helped with her epilepsy. If you would like to know more please reach out to The Vaper Expo UK team or Hattie via Purpledayss.




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