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Exploring beyond disposables

Disposable vape products are relatively new within the vape world yet have made major waves within the vaping industry. From the simple and convenient grab& go options to the ever growing flavours, these products are taking the world by storm.

The disposable vape is generally recognised as being invented in China in 2004 and first introduced to the UK in 2005 but did not gain great popularity until recent years.
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, when vape shops were forced to shut, this is when disposable vapes dominated the market due to being sold in convenience stores and supermarkets.

These products have helped thousands upon thousands of people to quit smoking and explore a healthier avenue in order to kick the crave.

A little bit of history around the Disposable Vapes:
Let us take you back to 1927 – Joseph Robinson came up with the first ever “electronic vaporizer’. This idea was sparked by allowing users to inhale vapours without the risk of being burned or causing accidents like fires. Robinson filed for his patent in May 1927, but this did not result in a prototype being made.

Jump forward to 1963 – Herbert A Gilbert adapted Robinson’s idea with technology which was available at the time to make a cigarette alternative. This was crucial to the invention of vapes because it’s the same technology that’s being used in our modern vapes today. This did not take off in the 1960’s due to it not being seen as “fashionable enough” to take off.

Fast forward again to 2003 – Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, decided he wanted to explore a healthier alternative to smoking after bereavement due to lung cancer was experienced in his family. This device was physically made in 2004 where Lik was able to benefit from the advances of batteries had already been established.

Back to the present day – Disposable vapes have become second nature and have made their mark on the vaping industry.

Priced at roughly £5-£8 per disposable, this can end up becoming slightly pricey. Another vaping option may require a higher initial cost, but overall can work out cheaper. So if you are looking for a more cost effective way to vape, these may be some options for you.

Pod device
A vape pod is a type of vape that has a battery and a ‘pod’ instead of a vape tank. A pod will still do the same job as a vape tank. It holds the coil and e-liquid, but they are one sealed unit, and some have none replaceable coils, while others are pre-filled with vape juice.
This will allow users to purchase 1 device with your juice of choice in order to refill or purchase 1 device and repurchase pre-filled juice capsules as and when needed.
Generally with a pod device, especially ones you are required to refill, these will hold a larger amount of juice and allow you to add your own amount of Nicotine as required.

An example from OXVA with the XLIM POD

Essentially, a vape mod is the bottom part of a vape kit – the larger part which houses the battery and other electrical components. If you buy a mod on its own, you would still be required to purchase a tank separately. However you may pick up a Mod and tank together in some cases. If you require to purchase any tank and use it on any Mod, providing it has an 510 connection. Some vapers purchase multiple tanks and switch them regularly whenever they fancy a change of flavour. Tanks with a non-replaceable coil can last between 1-4 weeks.
This then leads us into tanks with replaceable coils; These can be with replaceable stock coils or you are able to purchase handmade coils and create your perfect vaping experience. Finally that brings us onto Mech Mods and rebuildable Dripping atomizers. Mech mod is simply a shortened term for ‘mechanical mod’. It is a type of homemade vape device that supplies pure battery power to an atomiser. A mech mod vape can seem complex and confusing at first glance, but they are actually the simplest vape mods in terms of mechanical design.
An RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. An RDA requires the user to manually add juice to the coils and wicks, instead of being fed from a tank. RDAs have a juice well at the bottom of the build deck to hold e-liquid, and the wick tails are placed into the well. Mech mods with an RDA tend to be used by more advanced vapers.

An example from Vaporesso GEN SERIES I GEN 200 I 80S

With The Vaper Expo UK being one of the longest standing vape exhibitions in the world, we have seen many vaping trends come and go. We are excited to watch the progression of the disposable vape and see where this leads.
Would this disposable growth now clear a path for pod systems to re-emerge? Would vapers remain with their convenient disposables? Or will this new wave of vapers want more and head down the mod, coil and juice route?
Only time will tell – but one thing is for certain, The Vaper Expo UK will continue to bring the latest innovations to the NEC in Birmingham twice a year!



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